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A trusted

We believe where people work matters. That’s why we get personal, to create better workplace environments.

Since 1979 we have been creating strategic partnerships to innovate, manage and maintain spaces that are safe, efficient and enjoyable for the people who use these environments to do business.

Centred on a promise of Quality, Value & Flexibility, our integrated facilities management is personalised to each client in the public and private sectors in all regions of Australia.

ServiceFM’s total
work environment solution

From the air to the water and everything in between, we deliver Quality, Value and Flexibility to create better work environments. Our full solution approach to our clients removes the pain of self-required management, and gives you the confidence it is done in the right way. Get what you want and more.


People are at the centre of our business. Our teams are dedicated to their work, to building relationships and ensuring highest quality outcomes


We always strive to create the best value, without compromising on delivery. Where we can save you money, we will.


Every workspace is different. We listen to your unique requirements and build custom solutions with a ‘can-do’ approach we’ve become known for.

Safety is our
highest priority

Our ‘Work safe. For life.’ approach reflects our commitment to providing safe and healthy workplaces for our workers, our clients, and the communities where we work.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and it will never be compromised as we pursue a zero-harm workplace.

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The way we deliver our facility services provides transparency and confidence to our clients that we are delivering on our promise as a trusted partner.

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ServiceFM provides personalised facility services to make every work environment safer, more efficient, and enjoyable to use.

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ServiceFM is a trusted partner in a variety of industries. From health and aged care to defence, corporate and mining, we can support your needs through innovative, scalable and efficient service models.