ServiceFM provides high-quality, integrated facility management services to our partners in the public and private sector in all regions of Australia.

We achieve this by placing the needs of our partners at the centre of everything we do.

Our corporate responsibility focuses on ethical employment, community contributions, Indigenous development, and reconciliation and environmental sustainability.


ServiceFM actively works to meet the expectations of the modern business environment when employing our workers.

Our company is driven by diversity, and inclusion and providing opportunities for all. We are an equal opportunity employer with a strong understanding that embracing a broad workforce only improves our overall capabilities and allows us to better meet the needs of our workers and clients.

Where applicable, we directly employ our hard and soft services workers, and only utilise approved subcontractors. ServiceFM has zero tolerance for non-compliance of the Fair Work Act and adheres to the Modern Slavery Act 2018. Our Code of Conduct is provided to all workers upon employment and highlights the expectations we have as an organisation.

Corporate Responsibility Employment

Community Contributions

ServiceFM is a proud supporter of many organisations, recognising that we can help build better communities via our corporate contributions. Our contributions include sponsorships, donations and partnerships with groups and organisations that align with our values. Among the organisations we have supported recently are:

Football South Australia
ServiceFM Stadium

Emmanuel College

Adelaide City

international house logo

International House
Affiliated with the University of Queensland

For Kids

priceline sisterhood foundation logo

Priceline Sisterhood

cancer council logo

The Cancer Council
of South Australia

tea tree gully netball club logo

Tea Tree Gully
Netball Club

fma logo

Facility Management
Association of Australia

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Back packs 4
Kids SA

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Contact us for more information about how we can support your organisation, group or club.

To keep up to date with our community contributions, follow us.

Indigenous Development
& Reconciliation

Ganbara LOGO

Through our links to capacity partner, Ganbara Facility Services, ServiceFM contributes positively to the reconciliation movement through the implementation of our Indigenous Engagement Policy.

ServiceFM strives to:

Annual NAIDOC Week
& National Reconciliation Week

Annual NAIDOC Week and National Reconciliation Week recognition events are held across ServiceFM, further increasing our cultural competency in this area. We also seek to work with Indigenous business, and have well-developed partnerships with:

nood logo

Nood Australia

we create print deliver logo

We Create Print Deliver

kuma kaaru aboriginal logo

Kuma Kaaru Aboriginal
Dance Group

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Position Promo


As part of our corporate social responsibility programs, ServiceFM and Ganbara have developed our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan.

This RAP, fully endorsed by Reconciliation Australia, highlights our organisational responsibility and how we will build the cultural capability and competency of our workplace and staff. We are currently preparing an Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan, which will soon be available.


At ServiceFM we recognise our role in minimising our environmental impact by using sustainable methods of operation.

In our workplaces and those of our clients we strive to be a caring corporate citizen, embracing opportunities to reduce our environmental footprint.

ServiceFM promotes recycling solutions in the corporate environment and we support our clients to improve their waste-management processes to better reflect modern expectations.

At one major company, we worked to provide a solution to achieve a zero waste-to-landfill outcome for over 1200 employees. We also champion green cleaning products such as Airofresh, Nanocyn, Agar and Enzyme Wizard, when appropriate for our clients. At an administrative level we use air travel only when necessary and have ensured our fleet is cost-effective and more environmentally sound by investing in four-cylinder vehicles.