and Systems

ServiceFM is constantly seeking new innovations and systems to benefit our clients, and operate more efficiently.

As facility management specialists, we utilise technology and software to:

Understanding that ‘Everything’s Connected’ in facility management, our employees work diligently to find innovative and relevant solutions to reduce risk and enrich the client experience.

Systems we use inculde:

Rapid Global is an online induction and training platform that enables ServiceFM workers and contractors to verify the currency and compliance of their training. ServiceFM clients can also identify personnel working on their site, their induction status and training progress.

This assures ServiceFM clients that all personnel working at their sites are always compliant with site-specific requirements. Electronic storage of training and induction records means that refresher training can be flagged early, and provides administrators with a dashboard view of the overall training status of all workers.

Rapid Incident is a fully hosted incident reporting and management system that enables ServiceFM to handle and track the lifecycle of any workplace incident. This improves our ability to investigate, gain insights, implement corrective actions, and provide timely reporting to clients and senior management.

ServiceFM uses Kronos to manage our most important resource: our people.

Using clear, transparent systems and methodology enables ServiceFM to ensure our workers are assigned to the correct sites for the correct amount of time, and are fulfilling expectations through transparent rosters and scheduling.

This integral facility management tool allows us to:

  • Make informed decisions based on data provided;
  • Identify scheduling and rostering improvements and initiatives;
  • Promptly address unscheduled absenteeism and leave;
  • Best utilise available workers to accommodate service demand.

Utilising this system promotes payroll accuracy and provides verifiable evidence of workers being on-site and in the required locations, while creating more accurate and precise invoicing.

ServiceFM uses market leading international and award winning facility management/maintenance management software solution from FSI Global known as Concept Evolution to connect our people, buildings and data.

  • Concept Evolution from FSI, provides functional 24/7 and mobile online access to report issues and review progress.
  • The system seamlessly integrates an asset register with both reactive and planned preventative maintenance in one location, providing comprehensive data to ensure strategic asset management decisions can be made based on sophisticated and current asset lifecycle data.
  • Compliance and performance are measured and reported on in real time, providing peace of mind and reduced risk.

Concept Evolution from FSI allows ServiceFM to deliver savings to clients via planned preventative maintenance, payroll efficiencies and effective time management, as well as assurance that the site is being serviced in the most efficient way possible.