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ServiceFM personnel are guided by the understanding that “Everything’s Connected”, and focus on reducing your costs by monitoring your property’s health, with the intent of minimising downtime and extending the life of your assets.

Asset Management

We focus on safety

At ServiceFM, we specialise in delivering the highest level of asset management services in Brisbane. Our staff are dedicated to maintaining the safety and integrity of your assets according to Australian Standards and manufacturer’s recommendations.

Asset management

We provide the following asset management services in Brisbane:


When it comes to ensuring that your Brisbane facility is in accordance with Australian Standards and Building Codes, we emphasise the importance of user experience, accuracy, and quality.

Our team of professionals at ServiceFM can ensure that your building services and site-work safety measures are implemented successfully.

We are excited to provide a wide range of expert services that surpass required classification standards for your company’s premises.

Our site-specific planned preventative maintenance (PPM) reporting system helps us to monitor:

Market segments

We provide services in a variety of market segments, such as mining, business, and accommodation, at ServiceFM. With a reputation for thoroughness and a positive attitude, you may rely on ServiceFM to deliver industry-leading asset management services in Brisbane.

When it comes to providing high-quality asset management services in Brisbane, ServiceFM employees are timely, diligent, and user-focused.