Of Directors

ServiceFM Board of Directors - Mal Hemmerling

Mal Hemmerling


Mal is an economist, marketer and entrepreneur with more than 40 years’ experience working at the highest level in the public and private sector. A former chief executive of the Australian Grand Prix, Sydney Olympics, Bob Jane Corporation, Adelaide City Council and Playford Council.

James Pollock

Managing director

Experienced in Oil and Gas, Corporate and Local Government sectors, James has guided ServiceFM through a significant business and brand transformation. Focused on growth, James has an advanced knowledge of project management methodology, tools and systems. He holds Certified Practicing Project Director (CPPD) status with the Australian Institute of Project Management.

ServiceFM Board of Directors - Glen Browne

Glen Browne

Executive director

Glen is a proven entrepreneur, having started the company that became ServiceFM. Through hard work and an unswerving vision for quality service, Glen guided the company from humble beginnings to an expansion that saw it grow to include electronic-safety testing and facility-management arms. Now, as executive director, Glen is overseeing the company’s next major development phase.

ServiceFM Board of Directors - Mauro Viola

Mauro Viola

Executive director

Mauro is a dedicated sales leader and industry innovator, with over 30 years’ experience. Over his two decades with the company, Mauro has been integral to the growth of the company’s portfolio, helping it expand to multiple brands before championing the one-brand services solution.

ServiceFM Board of Directors - Jennifer Ma

Jennifer Ma

Non-executive director

Jennifer Ma is a chartered accountant and Chapman Capital Partners Managing Director. She has 20 years’ experience advising corporates, SMEs, government and not-for-profits across various sectors. Jennifer was previously a Partner at KPMG and headed its South Australian Corporate Finance practice.

Paul Rowse

Non-executive director

Paul Rowse is a significant part of ServiceFM’s history, playing many roles within the company over more than three decades as it became one of the nation’s best known business service providers. Experienced in people management, Paul is an entrepreneur and aims, in his own way, to make the world a happier place.