Reactive Water

Reactive Water technology transforms guests’ pool experience at a prestige hotel in Adelaide CBD


A prestigious hotel located in the heart of Adelaide’s Central Business District (CBD) sought to enhance the swimming experience for its guests. With a focus on providing exceptional service and ensuring the highest standards of guest satisfaction, the hotel management was determined to address the challenges associated with maintaining optimal water quality in their pool. Traditional methods of using chemicals to control combined chlorine levels were proving to be insufficient and had adverse effects on the pool’s aesthetics. Seeking an innovative solution, they turned to Reactive Water technology.


Maintaining crystal-clear pool water and ideal combined chlorine levels is crucial for any hotel aiming to offer an exceptional swimming experience. However, the hotel’s existing pool management methods were falling short of their desired standards. High combined chlorine levels not only caused unpleasant odours but also had an impact on water clarity, leading to a less enjoyable swimming environment for guests. The hotel management recognised the need for a sustainable, chemical-free solution that could ensure consistently low combined chlorine levels and improve the overall look and feel of the pool water.


Reactive Water, a cutting-edge technology revolutionising pool water treatment, emerged as the ideal solution for the hotel’s pool management challenges. By utilising advanced water structuring processes, Reactive Water technology uplifts both water quality and water aesthetics, providing a safe and eco-friendly alternative.

Implementation and Results

Following the installation of the Reactive Water system, the pool at the prestigious hotel in Adelaide CBD witnessed remarkable improvements. From the date of installation, Reactive Water technology maintained consistently lower average combined chlorine levels without the use of the chemicals which are traditionally used to manage chlorine levels.

  • The pool water quality was significantly enhanced, resulting in a fresh and inviting swimming environment for guests to enjoy.
  • The transformation was evident in the improved look and feel of the water.
  • Reactive Water technology’s advanced processes effectively removed impurities, resulting in sparkling, crystal-clear water.
  • The improvement in CCL levels also eliminated the unpleasant odours typically associated with traditional treatment methods, providing a more enjoyable swimming experience.


  1. Consistently lower combined chlorine levels. The Reactive Water system consistently maintained significantly lower average combined chlorine levels in the pool water, preventing the build-up of harmful chloramines and reducing the risk of waterborne illnesses.
  2. Enhanced aesthetics. With the elimination of impurities, the pool water regained its clarity and sparkle, providing a visually better experience for guests. Reactive Water uplifts the fluorescence index of water by 10%. Visually brighter water than other facilities.
  3. Improved guest satisfaction. By offering a superior swimming environment with crystal-clear water and a refreshing absence of chemical odours, the hotel significantly enhanced guest satisfaction and overall experience.
  4. Enhances facility infrastructure condition. Eliminates existing staining and scale on pool surfaces and piping. Reduces chlorine inputs (10-15%).


The introduction of Reactive Water technology revolutionised the pool management system at the prestigious hotel in Adelaide CBD. By effectively lowering average combined chlorine levels without the use of additional chemicals, the Reactive Water system provided a safer and more enjoyable swimming environment for guests.

The remarkable improvement in water quality, coupled with the elimination of chemical odours, elevated guest satisfaction, reinforced the hotel’s commitment to providing exceptional service and set a new standard for pool water treatment in the industry.