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From government and healthcare to mining and accommodation, ServiceFM specialises in providing cost-effective and flexible commercial and corporate cleaning services in Canberra. With a rich history in multi-provision service, our team of cleaning specialists is fully qualified to manage the demands of your commercial premises.

ServiceFM’s skilled employees are not only versed in current infection control and safety standards, but are relationship-focused, fitting seamlessly with your company’s culture.

Commercial Cleaning Service

We focus on safety

To keep our promise of providing high-quality commercial and corporate cleaning services in Canberra, we rely on a national reporting system that produces consistent and reliable outcomes. As a company that prioritises work, health, and safety, ServiceFM’s staff approach multi-service provision with accountability and proactive problem-solving.

The core philosophy that “Everything’s Connected”, guides everything we do, and helps us to connect our partners and services in environmentally aware ways.

We are
specialists in

Infection control

ServiceFM understands that infection control is critical to maintaining the health and wellbeing of your employees, assets, and resources. ServiceFM’s infection control services provide outstanding commercial and corporate cleaning services in Canberra, reflected in a strong track record servicing health care, transport, and retail industries.

We include the high-tech air purification system Airofresh among our infection control solutions.

Condition auditing

A crucial aspect of maintaining your commercial property is regularly auditing its condition. The experts at ServiceFM can assist you in determining how changes in your premises influence the health of your clients and employees. As businesses grow increasingly multifunctional, our condition audits in Canberra can expose areas where action may be taken to optimise efficiency and wellbeing.

Waste management

At ServiceFM, our waste management solutions are innovative, sustainable and optimised to meet each client’s specific needs. Our waste management experts can guarantee that your business is outfitted with the most efficient and streamlined waste disposal systems in Canberra.

Periodic services

Periodic cleaning services from ServiceFM are a cost-effective strategy for keeping your commercial or corporate space clean. Our routine services are intended to ensure that you meet the most recent COVID-19 standards as well as provide up-to-date information on your facilities’ functionality and hygiene.

At ServiceFM, we understand that each client is unique. Our commercial and corporate cleaning services in Canberra are carefully tailored to meet your organisation's needs.

Market segments

ServiceFM offers commercial and corporate cleaning in a wide range of market segments, such as mining, business, and accommodation. With a reputation for cordiality and a positive attitude, you can count on ServiceFM to provide the finest commercial and corporate cleaning services in Canberra.

When it comes to delivering your commercial cleaning requirements, ServiceFM employees are quick, consultative, and client-focused.