Data-driven decision making – getting the complete view

In facilities management, every decision counts – towards workplace safety, equipment performance, efficient operations and quality control.

Needless to say, those decisions should be based on facts rather than intuition or guesswork. In our experience as work environment specialists, we see the main advantages of data-driven decision making to be:

Planning: Data allows you to analyse trends, forecast needs, and plan with unparalleled precision. From space utilisation to maintenance schedules, every aspect can be optimised for maximum efficiency, output and safety.

Problem Solving: With real-time data at your fingertips, you can anticipate issues before they arise. Predictive analytics help in identifying potential bottlenecks, enabling proactive solutions and preventing costly downtime.

Cost Optimisation: Making informed decisions based on data not only enhances operational efficiency but also saves resources. Whether it’s energy consumption, equipment maintenance and repairs, staffing schedules or cleaning and pest control, data-driven strategies lead to significant cost savings.

Better User Experience: Every organisation is different. Analysis of their unique data means that Facility Managers can tailor services to meet specific needs, creating a better experience for clients and their employees.

Continuous Improvement: Data-driven insights provide a feedback loop for continuous improvement. By measuring performance metrics and analysing outcomes, Facility Managers can continue to enhance processes and services.

At ServiceFM, we’re such strong believers in data and the role it plays in integrated facilities management that we’ve customised a state-of-the-art facilities management software to create ServiceFM 360, for better data collection, analysis, scheduling and reporting.

360 merges coordinates services into one platform, including:

  • Asset maintenance and repairs
  • Subcontractor management
  • Work order management
  • Compliance
  • Invoicing integration

360 delivers an integrated real-time view of all facility management tasks in a live dashboard and calendar format, updated every 15 seconds. All tasks are scheduled and details can be viewed with a few clicks.

Armed with all the data you need, you can confidently make informed facility management decisions to create efficient, safe and sustainable work environments. And you can rest assured that all maintenance and compliance is already scheduled and planned, saving time and resources and allowing you to focus on other matters.

Talk to us about ServiceFM 360 and how we can support your business.

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