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Specialising in electrical safety testing, eSafe by ServiceFM provides a range of compliance and safety services for businesses across Perth. Our service offerings cater to all industry sectors – from manufacturing and mining to healthcare.

Electrical Safety Testing

We focus on safety

With over three million yearly tests in compliance with AS/NZS 3760 specifications, eSafe by ServiceFM is Western Australia’s leading corporate and commercial electrical safety solutions provider.

Our electrical

At ServiceFM, we understand that a secure working environment is critical for the health of everyone who works within the company’s facilities. We train our personnel to follow all safety rules for electrical equipment through eSafe’s progressive induction and training programs. Our comprehensive educational programs highlight the importance of:

eSafe has provided electrical safety testing within Australia since 2003 and specialises in providing the following services:

We are
specialists in

Western Australia asset management services

We understand the importance of providing a safe and secure environment for all those who enter your Perth premises. This is why we guarantee that uniformed personnel entering through ServiceFM will be qualified and in possession of a current police clearance.

ServiceFM personnel come equipped with personal PPE equipment and the latest testing and tagging tools, so you can rest assured that your assets are safe in our care. With a personalised uniform, you can quickly identify ServiceFM staff on your premises. This ensures that our team maintains access to all required assets while eliminating risks for unauthorised persons entering secured areas.

At ServiceFM, we are committed to ensuring that your facility complies with all regulations. With our cloud-based scheduling and management software, you can be confident knowing there’s never a lapse in a test or maintenance task.

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Our electrical solutions

ServiceFM is a leader in electrical safety testing and emphasises the importance of training and education. Through eSafe’s progressive induction process, we focus on:

Operating since 2003, eSafe provides a range of electrical testing solutions in Perth, including:

Equipment and processes

With an impressive portfolio, eSafe is actively subscribed to a range of OH&S systems, including:

Market segments

ServiceFM works with diverse industries across Western Australia, including mining, manufacturing, corporate, and healthcare. ServiceFM electricians are renowned for their professionalism and attention to detail, operating in an array of high-risk environments.

When it comes to delivering your testing and tagging requirements, the ServiceFM staff are attentive, dedicated, and customer-focused.