Full-circle air purification for Australian schools

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Children playing. Air purifier

We already know the benefits that a good learning environment can provide students and educators, but the pandemic has brought the need for full-circle air purification into sharp relief for Australian schools.

A cough or a sniffle, a child forgetting to wash their hands, all can result in time away from important learning experiences for students and sick leave for frontline educators.

Airofresh’s full-circle air purification system is the solution to this problem, with the ability to ensure 24/7 active infection control within a school’s indoor environments.

No HEPA filters

Unlike other air purifiers, this solution does not have HEPA filters to capture and hold disease and requires little maintenance, reducing costs and environmental impacts.

This simple technology cleans the classroom environment and provides full-circle air purification – all in a completely safe and scientifically proven manner.

Staff and students of Adelaide’s The Lady George Kindergarten have benefited from this technology for several years now, with an Airofresh Biological Control Unit immediately improving the learning environment upon installation.

“We noticed the benefits immediately. Walking in the next morning there was an absolutely different smell and feel to the whole building and every staff member mentioned it as they walked in.”

The Lady George Kindergarten Director Brett Gent Tweet

The health benefits have been obvious to Mr Gent and his workers, with reduced downtime due to illness.

“The benefits we’ve found have been cleaner air and a much more pleasant-smelling building, it’s an old building, so the benefits have been profound and were immediate,” Mr Gent said.

“We’ve noticed less staff sick days and for the students it’s the same thing. They are able to attend their pre-school hours and be in this learning environment for a much longer period.”

There has also been the added benefit of improved odour management within the kindergarten facility.

“The benefits we’ve found have been, definitely, cleaner air and a much more pleasant-smelling building,” Mr Gent said.

“We have a variety of animals here and for guinea pigs, particularly, they are quite a smelly animal in a cage and without the machine the kindy would be much smellier than it is. We definitely know it works.”

Success in schools

Meanwhile, in Queensland, Somerset College has been using Airofresh technology to great effect.

“During this time, we have had an overwhelmingly positive experience. The Airofresh range has adapted easily to our existing HVAC infrastructure and has been easy to install.”

Somerset College Chief Operating Officer David Thornton Tweet


“Most importantly, the technology has been safe and effective in classrooms and we were able to improve the air quality in the room by a factor of 10 to 100 times, providing excellent air quality for both students and teachers.”

Service FM is the sole distributor of this next generation Australian-made technology and look forward to discussing opportunities to clean the shared air in your school.

For more information, visit HERE or ring 1300 300 959.

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