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As sanitation standards rise to meet the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic, ServiceFM can guarantee flexible infection control services that meet your business’ requirements. We are experts in infection control and place a high value on the safety of employees and clients.

infection control

We focus on safety

With ServiceFM, your assets will be kept safe thanks to our rigorous infection control procedures. While your business’s success may be limitless, cleanliness and hygiene are critical to optimal company performance. We employ a team of professionals who have the knowledge and experience to keep your business running smoothly, safely and cleanly – no matter what challenges come your way.

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Our infection-control solutions include:

1. Touchpoint and Routine Environmental Cleaning – Every touchpoint location (handles, doors, push plates and lift buttons), is cleaned using a hospital-grade disinfectant.

2. Terminal and Decontamination Clean – In the occurrence of an outbreak or verified infection, the ServiceFM personnel utilise all requisite PPE to conduct terminal and decontamination cleanses.

3. Nanocyn Fumigation – At ServiceFM, we use Nanocyn, a TGA and GECA-approved 100% hospital-grade cleaning solution to sanitise everything from warehouse floors to small rooms. This service takes advantage of Nanocyn’s ability to destroy coronavirus and norovirus, as well as rapid touch times and zero OH&S and toxicity requirements.

Please see our Drakes Supermarket Case Study for an illustrative example of the value that this service offers.

Cleaning shared air

As discussions on sanitation methods diversify, ServiceFM has invested in infection-control technologies that purify air and provide sanitary assurance. ServiceFM has teamed up with Australian firm AiroFresh Intl to keep exclusive rights to distribute AiroFresh smart-tech air purification systems.

Airofresh destroys 99.9999% of all carbon-based contaminants, including fungi, mould, bacteria, viruses and carbon-based gases.


Market segments

ServiceFM offers infection control services in various sectors, such as mining, business, and accommodation. With a reputation for meticulous service and a diligent, can-do attitude, you can count on ServiceFM to provide the most rigorous infection control services in Adelaide.

To ensure that infection control standards are met, ServiceFM personnel are methodical, consultative, and user-oriented.