operational services sector

services in Canberra

ServiceFM specialises in providing a wide range of operational services to Canberra’s diverse businesses and government agencies.

Operational Services

We focus on safety

Our experienced professionals are committed to providing our clients with cost-effective solutions that meet their specific needs. Operational Services from ServiceFM ensure that your Canberra facility is always kept clean, safe and running smoothly.

Our operational services
offerings include:

Mailroom services

ServiceFM offers a comprehensive mailroom service that includes sorting, delivering and managing your incoming and outgoing mail.

Record management

ServiceFM can help you create and maintain accurate records for your business or agency.

Grounds maintenance

Our team of experienced groundskeepers can keep your Canberra facility looking its best all year round. We offer a range of services, including mowing, gardening and pruning.

Waste management

ServiceFM can help you develop and implement a waste management plan that maximises recycling and minimises landfill.

Pest control

ServiceFM can help you keep your Canberra facility pest-free with our comprehensive pest control services.

Contract management

ServiceFM’s experts can help you manage your contracts and service providers, ensuring you maximise your value for money.

Support services

Our experienced personnel provide a range of support services guaranteed to keep your facility running smoothly.

Temp & supporting personnel

We offer a comprehensive range of temporary and supporting personnel to meet your needs.

At ServiceFM, we offer a thoroughly planned preventative maintenance (PPM) reporting system for operational services, such as grounds maintenance, pest control and waste management.

ServiceFM’s operational services span a wide range of Canberra’s industries and sectors, demonstrating industry-leading organisation, safety, cleanliness, and quality.

Market segments

We service a variety of market segments, including mining, corporate and accommodation. Our staff are acclaimed for their customer service, attention to detail, and proactive attitude.

ServiceFM staff are timely, consultative and customer-focused when delivering services to meet your operational requirements in Canberra.