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Changes to Victoria’s rental laws now mean that landlords must ensure that electrical safety checks such as RCD Testing are completed in all residential tenancies.

This means Victorian residential landlords must undertake electrical safety checks every two years and these services must be completed and recorded by a licensed electrician.

It is a rental law that landlords and rental agencies should expect to be introduced in all states across Australia in the future.

The ESV says that “if an electrical safety check has not been conducted within the last two years at the time the renter occupies the premises” an electrical safety check must be provided “as soon as possible”.

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“If the safety check shows electrical repairs are needed to make the property safe, the rental provider should engage an REC or a licensed electrician employed by an REC to do the repair work”.

ServiceFM is one of Australia’s leading corporate and commercial electrical safety services providers and can meet all the Victorian Government’s Residential Tenancies Regulations for RCD testing.


Victorian landlords must undertake electrical safety testing every two years. This means a licenced electrician must visit a property, check all installations and electrical appliances and ensure they’re safe for continued use.
A residential safety check entails a ServiceFM technician attending your rental property, checking all switchboards, wiring, appliances and devices to make sure they’re safe for continued use.
A residential safety check usually takes between 30 minutes to one hour - depends on the size of the property and ease of access to areas like switchboards. Upon completion, you’ll be supplied with a certificate of electrical safety.

Tenants don’t have to be home for electrical safety checks. We can collect keys from landlords or tenants and drop them back once we’re finished. All our staff have annual police checks.

ServiceFM can help you by making this process as simple as possible.

For more information about residential electrical safety checks and ServiceFM’s other nationwide compliance solutions, please contact us on 1300 300 959.