ServiceFM hops to it on Brisbane’s Kangaroo Point Green bridge

Proposed Kangaroo Point bridge Queensland

ServiceFM workers will play a role in a new Brisbane icon’s construction, the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge, having been contracted to provide Soft Services solutions to the Connect Brisbane worksite.

The Kangaroo Point Green Bridge will become a prominent piece of Brisbane River infrastructure as the nation’s fastest-growing city prepares to host the 2032 Olympic Games, joining several other bridges in linking the CBD with nearby suburbs.



Bridge construction is expected to conclude in 2023, linking Kangaroo Point and the eastern suburbs to the Brisbane CBD, via Edward Street (near the City Botanic Gardens).


Wonderful opportunity


ServiceFM’s Queensland State Manager Peter Watkins said the Connect Brisbane contract, led by BESIX Watpac, is a wonderful opportunity for our workers to witness history in the making.


“We’re very proud that we will be providing Soft Services to this landmark project in Brisbane Being in such a prominent location means all of Brisbane will get to see our ongoing excellence in service and the pride we take in every contract we are fortunate enough to receive.”

Once completed the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge will become a must-visit destination with eateries and bars part of the design.

It will also provide greater access to the suburb of Kangaroo Point and the eastern suburbs’ favourite businesses, such as the Story Bridge Hotel and Christian Jacques Bakery.

Bridge facts:

  • the bridge length, a single-mast cable stay structure, will be 460 metres
  • dedicated cycle and pedestrian paths
  • navigable bridge clearance height of 12.7 metres
  • viewing platforms for panoramic views of the city and river
  • ferry landing points
  • green design features such as solar panels, vegetation and shade cover
  • an above-water restaurant.

ServiceFM’s staff will be among the more than 300 workers benefiting from the jobs created during the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge’s construction phase.

For information regarding the construction of the bridge, including the latest project updates, visit the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge construction page.

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