Commercial Cleaning

Each work environment is unique. We specialise in providing commercial and corporate cleaning services that are carefully tailored to your needs.

From mining to accommodation and government sectors, ServiceFM has a strong history of providing cost-effective commercial and corporate cleaning solutions in Australia.

Ensuring that your premises are presented in the best possible fashion, our directly employed teams are relationship driven and integrate seamlessly with your staff and organisation, backing up our ethos of “QVF”.

40 years of commercial cleaning expertise

Our highly experienced workforce is activated every day across Australia’s workplaces to create hygienic, safe, and clean environments. People are at the heart of our commercial cleaning services. That’s why our priority is to help you protect the health and wellbeing of your employees while they’re at work.

From large high rise office buildings to multi-site facilities, we provide a single point of contact and service team, aligned to your culture and goals.

What we do

  • Regular commercial cleaning
  • Condition auditing
  • Periodic services
  • Hospital-grade cleaning
  • Hygiene and washroom services
  • Sterile and hygienic cleaning
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Window cleaning
  • High-rise and difficult-to-reach window cleaning

We focus on safety

With a strong safety record, we continuously monitor and improve our cleaning processes ahead of industry benchmarks. With fully trained and certified cleaners, we work seamlessly within your business across compliance, safety and reporting, to ensure your environment is reliably clean and safe.

Avidbots training with ServiceFM at Adelaide Airport

ServiceFM introduce advanced cleaning robots at Adelaide Airport

Adelaide Airport is at the forefront of Australian airport hygiene with the deployment of advanced Avidbots Neo 2 cleaning robots by ServiceFM. This marks a significant milestone in workplace cleanliness, showcasing ServiceFM’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology.

Equipped with intelligent software and advanced sensors, these robots autonomously sanitize the airport terminal with features such as automated floor cleaning, obstacle detection for enhanced safety, and real-time remote monitoring. This initiative reflects Adelaide Airport’s dedication to a cleaner work environment, reducing reliance on manual cleaning methods. 

We are
specialists in

Infection control

As Australian businesses rise to meet the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, ServiceFM emphasises infection control as a means to maintain the wellbeing of clients, staff and resources.

With an established reputation in the healthcare, transport, and retail sectors, our infection control services are organised to guarantee only the highest quality of commercial and corporate cleaning in Australia.

Periodic services

With a cost-effective approach to maintaining high hygiene and safety standards in Australia’s commercial spaces, ServiceFM’s periodic services ensure compliance with the latest COVID-19 regulations and provide up-to-date insights into the functionality, safety, and hygiene of commercial and corporate premises.

ServiceFM understands that each client is different. Which is why we focus on providing commercial and corporate cleaning services in Australia that are specifically designed to meet the demands of diverse sectors.

Waste management

At ServiceFM, we take pride in being at the forefront of innovative waste management solutions. We were one of the first to pioneer Zero Waste to Landfill practices in Australia, equipping busy premises with effective waste disposal and recycling systems.

Condition auditing

When it comes to maintaining any commercial or corporate property in Australia, condition audits are key. At ServiceFM we specialise in providing crucial insights into how changes in Australian business premises can impact clients and employees.

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Our expertise in facilities management combines an integrated service model to make work environments safer, more efficient and enjoyable to use – from the air to the water, to everything in between.

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