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Are you aware of what lurks in your water supply at work? It’s a critical question considering that all mains water is chlorinated.  Most businesses rely on filters to purify their water. However, filters alone cannot stop chemical residues from infiltrating your water supply. That’s where Reactive Water by ServiceFM steps in.

Choose Reactive Water for pure, safe water at work

Don’t take chances with your health. Commercial water filtering systems use cutting-edge technology to electronically eliminate chemical residues, ensuring your water is not only clean but also free from harmful contaminants. Unlike traditional methods, Reactive Water goes beyond filtration, giving you peace of mind and a healthier water source for anyone using your work environment.

Under Australian health regulations, regular testing of water is mandatory, typically required every three months. With Reactive Water commercial water systems, you can be confident in the quality of your water, knowing that it meets or exceeds health standards.

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We are proud to deliver your commercial workspace the best air and water solutions in market through ServiceFM’s proprietary access to award winning technology by Air Water Global.


How do Reactive Water purification systems work? 

Water is an amazing natural wonder. As the only molecule in this world capable of existing as a solid, liquid and gas, water can absorb and transfer energy. And, when energised, water is one of the most powerful cleaning elements in existence.

Reactive Water is an advanced proprietary technology which harnesses the power of water to clean itself. It applies energy fields to water to transfer that energy to the water molecules. Via a process of re-structuring and energising water molecules, Reactive Water delivers softer, healthier water for people to benefit from.

This game changing commercial water purification method, water can be made thinner, carry load more efficiently to avoid scale in surfaces; and it has the capability to sterilise itself and what it comes in contact with.

Why choose Reactive Water?

A commercial water purifier can make noticeable differences in your environment’s water quality, including:

  • Increase the longevity of assets and equipment
  • Reduced costs for scheduled and reactive maintenance
  • Increase the solute carrying efficiency of water
  • Protect pipework, heating, storage and pumping infrastructure from the damaging effects of calcium, iron and other water components.
  • Specialised technology for hard water problems, removing scale build-up
  • Clears contaminated water – cleans run-off from contaminated sites
  • Clears bacteria and algae in groundwater

Commercial water filtration systems made for Australian work environments

Solving a major hotel chain's water problems with Reactive Water

A prestigious CBD hotel sought to enhance the swimming experience for its guests. Traditional methods of using chemicals to control combined chlorine levels were proving to be insufficient. High combined chlorine levels not only caused unpleasant odours but also had an impact on water clarity, leading to a less enjoyable swimming environment for guests.

From the date of installation, Reactive Water technology maintained consistently lower average combined chlorine levels without the use of the chemicals. Reactive Water technology’s advanced processes effectively removed impurities, resulting in sparkling, crystal-clear water. This reinforced the hotel’s commitment to providing exceptional service and set a new standard for pool water treatment in the industry.

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