Town of Gawler

Trusted quality wins back a client with a high service standard

Building a reliable reputation with the community:

In January 2018, ServiceFM embarked on a commercial cleaning journey for eight sites owned by the Town of Gawler, South Australia. We maintained the cleanliness of the Town of Gawler’s public sites, including a Sports Centre, Aquatic Centre, and Visitor Information Centre. Employing a team of six individuals, we delivered regular cleaning services on weekdays and weekends. This was not a straightforward type of cleaning job, given the high instance of homelessness in the area, and public areas like toilets and showers were used much more frequently than other public spaces. It required us to roll up our sleeves to keep these facilities in pristine condition.

A new challenge on the horizon:

ServiceFM’s scope of work expanded significantly when the Town of Gawler officially opened the Gawler Civic Centre, a three-story building housing a library, cafe, and youth space, on April 7, 2019. The centre aimed to revitalise Gawler’s Main Street, foster economic growth, create employment opportunities, and strengthen the social and cultural fabric of the community. This growth led to ServiceFM taking on the responsibility of cleaning the new facility seven days a week, including during major functions.

Unfortunately, in 2021, ServiceFM lost the contract due to the local Council’s preference for a lower-cost provider. After a year outside the contract, the Town of Gawler made the decision to reach out to ServiceFM again, as they were unsatisfied with the level of cleanliness and the management of the account by the new provider.

Marie Bickley, Property & Facility Officer, says, “We were thrilled to welcome ServiceFM back to the Town of Gawler. Their dedication to excellence and their ability to build strong client relationships set them apart in the industry. They demonstrated that value for money is not solely about the lowest price.”

Making good impressions last:

Upon regaining the contract for the Town of Gawler, ServiceFM knew that ensuring a consistently high service standard was paramount. We implemented a plan which involved regular check-ins on a weekly basis to confirm that all commitments were being met. Our Client Manager, Jasmina Fejzic, who possessed extensive experience as a cleaner herself, conducted monthly site visits in collaboration with the Property & Facility Officer to monitor and maintain service standards.

The most critical ongoing success marker of ServiceFM’s renewed partnership with the Town of Gawler is the satisfaction of the public. Despite the unique challenges presented by the Council’s highly trafficked public zones and the area’s homelessness issues, ServiceFM received only one complaint in five years. This demonstrates our commitment to delivering a high quality standard and our willingness to adapt to specific challenges successfully.

Key to a successful partnership:

  • Communication: We prioritise open and regular communication with our partners. We don’t wait for issues to arise but instead foster a proactive dialogue. Client Manager, Jasmina Fejzic states, “We sit down over coffee and discuss the environment’s cleanliness regularly.”
  • Friendly Rapport: Building a genuine rapport with clients is essential. “We understood that trust is built on more than just the dollar value of a contract. It’s about establishing a relationship based on mutual respect and shared goals,” says Steve Morgan, State Manager – SA/WA.
  • Value for Money: ServiceFM firmly believe that value for money should not be equated with the lowest price. We are committed to maintaining a high standard of service and addressing any teething problems immediately, ensuring clients receive true value for their investment.

ServiceFM’s commitment to addressing unique challenges enabled them to successfully win back our cleaning contract Their attention to detail and proactive approach to communication make them a trusted partner in ensuring our public centres are clean and welcoming spaces for our community.

Chris Parish, Team Leader Property and Facilities