Innovation and systems

ServiceFM is constantly seeking new innovations and systems to benefit our clients, and operate more efficiently.

We continually invest in leading technologies to deliver solutions which make work environments operate better.

Our multi-service model is digitally integrated with reporting analytics and forecasting to find our clients cost efficiencies through forward planning. Our digital systems – like ServiceFM 360, TemplaCMS, RapidGlobal and Timegate – deliver both operational excellence and a step-change in the cost of delivery.

As work environment specialists, our people work diligently to:

  • Use data analytics to optimise asset performance;
  • Mitigate hazards;
  • Raise service issues;
    Report and resolve safety incidents; and
  • Identify the training and induction status of our onsite personnel, ensuring consistent and compliant service delivery.

Systems we use:

ServiceFM uses market leading facility management software, ServiceFM 360, to connect our people, buildings and data.

360 tracks work orders from the time they are initiated through to completion and invoicing. The technology works by linking subcontractor company and trade employee compliance with the issuing of work orders. Our technology is the only software in the industry to combine compliance and work orders in one connected process. It prohibits work orders being issued to a non-compliant subcontracting company or tradesperson without manual intervention by ServiceFM and the client.

This integrated system significantly reduces risk by ensuring we're maintaining your worksites in the most compliant way possible.

  • Simple, intuitive and easy to use with 24/7 online access to report issues and review progress.

  • The system seamlessly integrates an asset register with both reactive and planned preventative maintenance in one location, providing comprehensive data to ensure strategic asset management decisions can be made based on sophisticated and current asset lifecycle data.
  • Compliance and performance are measured and reported on in real time, providing peace of mind.
  • Raising a Work Order takes 2-3 minutes.

  • A digital dashboard displays an immediate status of all jobs 24/7.

  • Work Orders cannot be issued to a non-compliant subcontractor without approval.

Lighthouse is a delivery performance and management system, which provides our clients with real-time visibility of operational staff and the works being carried out. The mobile workforce management capability gives complete oversight and access to task progress, performance, auditing, and timely reporting on any job site.

Rapid Incident is a fully hosted incident reporting and management system that enables ServiceFM to handle and track the lifecycle of any workplace incident. This improves our ability to investigate, gain insights, implement corrective actions, and provide timely reporting to clients and senior management.

Rapid Global is an online induction and training platform that enables ServiceFM workers and contractors to verify the currency and compliance of their training. ServiceFM clients can also identify personnel working on their site, their induction status and training progress.

This assures ServiceFM clients that all personnel working at their sites are always compliant with site-specific requirements. Electronic storage of training and induction records means that refresher training can be flagged early, and provides administrators with a dashboard view of the overall training status of all workers.

TemplaCMS is a world leading facilities management software for core operational processes. It provides a fully integrated payroll, accounts, contract administration, purchasing, billing, budgeting, and analysis with an entire array of automated workflows.

This tool allows us to meet the new realities of the service industry:

  • It recognises staff who work at multiple pay rates, across multiple sites and mirrors staff structures specific to client contracts.
  • Field management has real-time access to rosters and timesheets which means changes within are immediately visible to our teams.
  • Customer billing information requirements are clearly defined according to customer preferences.
  • Dashboard information delivered to our managers ensures we stay on top of outstanding activities.
  • Budgeting every cost and revenue stream at any level of the business from individual site to the company level.
  • Each time a new contract is added or an existing one changed or terminated; changes are instantly reflected.
  • Flow of scheduled periodic, specialist and one-off work are planned and scheduled, or generated by field and office staff.