infection control sector


At a time when there are new standards in hygiene and cleanliness, we have multiple solutions to support your infection control and prevention requirements.

ServiceFM is here to help ensure the safety of your staff and clients, whilst using processes that also protect your assets from damage.

While your business capacity may be scalable and flexible, hygiene and cleaning requirements are still as important as ever.

Our Infection-Control
Solutions include:

1. Touchpoint and Routine Environmental Cleaning – Using hospital-grade disinfectant, we can clean all common touchpoint areas (doors, door handles, push plates, lift buttons)

2. Terminal and Decontamination Clean – In the unfortunate event of an outbreak or confirmed case of illness, ServiceFM (using all appropriate PPE) can conduct terminal and decontamination cleans; and

3. Nanocyn Fumigation – This baseline cleaning process using Nanocyn will cover any size area and can be conducted after hours or during business operations. Nanocyn is a 100% hospital-grade solution that is free of toxic chemicals. It has extremely quick contact times and zero toxicity or OH&S requirements. It is TGA and GECA registered and can kill coronavirus and norovirus. Please view our Drakes Supermarket Case Study, for an example of this service.

Shared air

ServiceFM has partnered with Australian company AiroFresh Intl in gaining sole-distribution rights for their smart-tech air purification system.

Air purification has become a very hot topic throughout the pandemic. ServiceFM has been seeking Infection Control technology that cleans air and provides hygienic assurance for our clients and we’ve found it in our own backyard.


Market Segments

We service a variety of market segments, including mining, corporate and accommodation, and our staff are renowned for being friendly and embracing an uncomplicated can-do attitude.

ServiceFM staff are timely, consultative and customer focused when it comes to delivering infection control requirements.