Infection Control

At a time when Australia faces new standards in hygiene and cleanliness, we have multiple solutions to support your infection control and prevention requirements.

ServiceFM’s infection control services focus on creating cleaner air and water for your work environment. Our game changing air purification technologies, Airofresh and Nanocyn®, kill viruses and other airborne Infections. ReactiveWater is an electronic water structuring technology which makes water supplies the cleanest and healthiest they can be.

We focus on safety

ServiceFM is here to help ensure the safety of your staff and clients, whilst using processes that also protect your assets from damage. While Australian business may be scalable and flexible, hygiene and cleaning requirements are still as important as ever.

We are
specialists in

Touchpoint and Routine Environmental Cleaning

Using hospital-grade disinfectant, we can clean all common touchpoint areas (doors, door handles, push plates, lift buttons)

Terminal and Decontamination Clean

In the unfortunate event of an outbreak or confirmed case of illness, ServiceFM (using all appropriate PPE) can conduct terminal and decontamination cleans.

Nanocyn® Fumigation

Eliminate viruses, bacteria, mould & fungi in your environment within 15 seconds of contact time with Nanocyn® disinfectant and sanitiser. TGA and GECA registered, Nanocyn® will cover any size area and can be conducted after hours so your work isn’t disrupted. Nanocyn® is a 100% hospital-grade solution that is free of toxic chemicals. It has extremely quick contact times and zero toxicity or OH&S requirements. Read how we implemented a major terminal clean for Drakes Supermarket during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cleaning shared air

Healthy air is the foundation for thriving commercial environments. Australian-designed and manufactured, Airofresh’s award-winning infection control technology offers a carbon-neutral, organically-certified and effective solution for destroying airborne allergens, viruses, pathogens, fungi, mould, bacteria and gases.

Airofresh kills 99.9999% of all carbon-based contaminants, including fungi, mould, bacteria, viruses and carbon-based gases. How? Airofresh uses water vapour in the air, via electric and magnetic fields (oxidisation), to capture ‘bad air’ and neutralise it.

  • Cleans and purifies shared air without chemicals.
  • Can be used across industries, such as education, medical, manufacturing, corporate offices, retail and supermarkets.
  • Removes odours and all carbon-based contaminants.
  • Is Australian made and manufactured.
  • Can be installed to current HVAC facilities or as a free-standing unit for offices.

Reactive Water brings you the cleanest water at work

Water is an amazing natural wonder. As the only molecule in this world capable of existing as a solid, liquid and gas, water can absorb and transfer energy. And, when energised, water is one of the most powerful cleaning elements in existence.

Reactive Water is an advanced proprietary technology which harnesses the power of water to clean itself. As a 100% sustainable solution and environmentally friendly, the increased solute carrying efficiency of the water protects pipework, heating, storage and pumping infrastructure from the damaging effects of calcium, iron and other water components.

When the units are retrofitted to existing pipework they prevent scale precipitation in the future, and assist in dissolution of existing scale in pipework, holding tanks and other water infrastructure.

Some noticeable differences:

  • Visually cleaner water.
  • Elimination of pipe biofilm and shower head blockages.
  • Ice made from enhanced water is noticeably clearer and quartz-like.
  • Gardens and plants grow better with less water.
  • Equipment like dishwashers and clothes washers last longer.
  • Grey water systems – surface staining will be reduced.
  • Swimming pools – eliminate scale and shinier, with reduced need for chemicals.
  • Pipes in buildings stay clean – much reduced or no scale build up and reduces ongoing maintenance.

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