Terminal cleaning for major
supermarket chain

Lockdowns have created huge hurdles for Australian businesses during the pandemic, but none more-so than ensuring a safe, COVID19-free workplace for their employees.

As restrictions ease and staff transition back to the office or the shop – having sometimes spent weeks or even months working from home – it’s crucial their places of employment are sanitised and any dangerous pathogens eradicated.

That’s where ServiceFM comes in.

Through our suite of infection control methods – such as Terminal and Decontamination cleaning and Nanocyn Fumigation – we have been helping dozens of Aussie employers, across a variety of industries, prepare their worksites for the influx of returning staff.

Recently, ServiceFM assisted South Australian supermarket giant Drakes by sanitising seven of its stores – either as a reactive measure after being a designated COVID hotspot or in readiness for when the state emerged from its seven-day lockdown in late July.

Within 24 hours of the first phone call, ServiceFM’s expert team of cleaners completed Nanocyn Fumigation at all sites – plus Drakes’ Fruit and Veg facility at Pooraka – to eliminate any potentially infectious particles lingering in the air, or on surfaces.

Our rapid response to COVID19 cleaning requests – both preventative and reactive – is why Drakes has partnered with ServiceFM since the pandemic first hit Australian shores in March 2020.

“We have been working closely with our supply partners and leading commercial cleaners, ServiceFM, to not only keep our stores stocked but to keep them as hygienic as possible, so we can carry on providing our services to the community,” Drakes Supermarkets director John-Paul Drake said.

“We hope this next level of sanitation will provide as much peace of mind as possible right now for the community at large and those who are most vulnerable.”

ServiceFM CEO James Pollock said our cleaning staff are at the frontline when it comes to ensuring essential services, such as Drakes, continue to operate in a safe and hygienic way.

“It is critical that supermarkets remain operational and we are proud to be working with Drakes to provide a solution that keeps the community safe in these challenging times,” Mr Pollock said.

“Like supermarkets, cleaning is an essential service. We are collaborating with business and service providers around the country to help operational continuity and public safety.”

What is Nanocyn Fumigation and why should your business use it?

ServiceFM is a leading provider when it comes to the use of Nanocyn for commercial cleaning.

Nanocyn is a Therapeutic Goods Association certified product that has been laboratory tested to kill COVID19 pathogens within 30 seconds, and is a 100 per cent chemical-free, hospital-grade disinfectant.

During the fumigation process, Nanocyn is released into the atmosphere and penetrates the entire room with microscopic droplets – covering open surfaces, getting into air ducts, vents and cracks, and rapidly sterilising walls, windows, floors, ceiling and even the air.

Its benefits include:

You can read more about the advantages of Nanocyn here.

To find out more on how ServiceFM can cleanse your workplace in preparation for a return from lockdown, contact us today.

We required an urgent infection control process at one of our supermarkets that had been designated a COVID19 hotspot.

I contacted ServiceFM late on the Tuesday night and the service was arranged for 6.00am the following morning and completed prior to opening the store in the morning.

ServiceFM’s responsiveness and thorough deep cleaning approach, including fumigation, provided reassurance for all our staff and customers that our supermarket would be safe upon the store’s reopening and resulted in us booking further preventative infection control measures at another 3 outlets.

Phil Shayler, Manager Operations at Drakes Supermarkets.