Infection control for a
national retail pharmacy

Recording a COVID19 case in the workplace can be a confronting, stressful and unnerving experience for businesses, requiring an immediate, swift, infection control response.

This is exactly the scenario that confronted, in June 2021, Terry White Chemmart turned to ServiceFM for guidance on how to sanitise its worksite after learning a customer had tested positive for coronavirus.

As an industry leader when it comes to Infection Control, ServiceFM quickly deployed a specialised operations team to sanitise the site within hours of being notified by the business, ensuring minimal disruption for workers and customers.

ServiceFM Business Development Manager Mike Franks said he was extremely pleased the team could use its knowledge and experience to put the client’s mind at ease and deliver a COVID-safe worksite for Terry White Chemmart in a timely manner.

He added it was also encouraging to see businesses becoming more proactive in discussing with ServiceFM how they can improve their preventative COVID19 cleaning plans and practices to better deal with any potential future outbreaks.

“Increasingly we are seeing businesses – particularly with the uncertainty and concerns regarding the new strains – proactively turning to ServiceFM for guidance on ensuring their cleaning practices and plans are up to date and equipped to handle any future COVID outbreak that may occur in their workplaces,” Mike said.

“It was really pleasing to use our experience in cleaning COVID-affected sites to deliver a response to our client that was both timely, cost-competitive and effective, allowing their staff to return to work both safely and quickly.”

How it unfolded

ServiceFM received a call from Terry White Chemmart at around 3pm on a weekday seeking an urgent COVID19 clean for one of its New South Wales sites, where a worker had tested positive for coronavirus.

By 3.30pm, our team had delivered the client a proposal that included a full rundown of the cleaning process, including a list of TGA-approved products to be used and the surfaces that would be sanitised, using our cutting-edge Terminal Clean action.

By 7pm, only four hours after the initial call came through from Terry White Chemmart, we had a ServiceFM operations team ready to attend the site and they began the cleaning process by 8pm.

The entire job – from sanitising the site, to sending a receipt at the completion of the clean – was concluded by 10.30pm the same day (less than eight hours from the time the Terry White Chemmart first contacted ServiceFM).

The quick turnaround time and completion of the clean on the same business day the request was lodged was pivotal in glowing feedback being provided by the client by way of a testimonial.

How we solved the problem

The COVID19 clean was carried out using ServiceFM’s Terminal Clean protocol, which utilises Nanocyn Fumigation in conjunction with Touchpoint and Routine Environmental Cleaning to sanitise the site.

Let us look at each process in more detail.

What is Nanocyn Fumigation?

Nanocyn is a Therapeutic Goods Association certified product that has been laboratory verified to kill COVID19 pathogens within 30 seconds – which is unmatched by comparable products in the marketplace that take up to 10 minutes to achieve a similar result.

Nanocyn comprises 100 per cent natural ingredients, is non-corrosive, non-toxic, alcohol-free, pH-neutral, non-irritating, safe to use around humans and animals and requires no safety equipment to use.

During the fumigation process, Nanocyn is released into the atmosphere and penetrates the entire room with microscopic droplets – covering open surfaces, getting into air ducts, vents and cracks, and rapidly sterilising walls, windows, floors, ceiling and even the air.

The biggest advantages of Nanocyn Fumigation are:

Our company regularly receives feedback from travellers telling us that the Adelaide Airport is the cleanest passenger terminal in Australia, and praising our staff for their proactivity.

What is Touchpoint and Routine Environmental Cleaning?

Touchpoint and Routine Environmental Cleaning sanitises the common surfaces that the human hand frequently touches in a workplace.

It is a critical measure in preventing the spread of COVID19 and maintaining business continuity.

ServiceFM uses Touchpoint and Routine Environmental Cleaning to disinfect common touchpoint areas at our clients’ sites.

Using hospital-grade disinfectant and colour-coded cloths, our experienced personnel ensure touchpoint areas are disinfected.

Areas for touch-point cleaning include (but are not necessarily limited to):


COVID19 has completely changed the world in which we live, but in no greater way than the responsibilities placed on businesses to ensure a clean, safe workplace for their staff and customers.

ServiceFM offers both preventative and reactionary COVID19 cleaning that guarantees a COVID-safe workplace in a fast, efficient, effective manner that is competitively priced.

Contact us today to learn more about how ServiceFM can keep your business COVID-free, and COVID-safe.

I just wanted to thank Service FM for the amazing efforts and service provided to me. I had tried to recruit many COVID cleaners that day and was met with roadblocks and hesitancy in a situation that required urgency and swiftness.

You handled my enquiry professionally, kept me updated and organised a team to get the job done within a few hours. Your team then came in and completed the task to the highest standard and you had followed up with all the relevant and necessary documentation that evening.

Thank you for being outstanding in every possible way from start to finish.

Emma Balzer, BDM for Terry White Chemmart.