Security Services

Deploying a wide range of professional security services, ServiceFM works with you to protect your business and its assets with site-specific solutions.

From security guards and alarm systems to access control and CCTV, we have the experience and expertise to tailor a security solution which keeps you and your guests safe. ServiceFM has proven experience in security systems and personnel Australia-wide to protect your most critical assets – your people and facilities.

Our security services

Security patrols

ServiceFM’s security patrols are a highly visible deterrent to crime, providing regular checks of your premises and their surroundings.

Static guards

For a more permanent security presence, our static guards can be assigned to various locations, including entrances, exits, reception areas, and parking lots.

Maintaining CCTV

ServiceFM’s team of qualified security technicians can maintain and repair your CCTV system, ensuring it is always operating at peak performance.

Monitoring & maintaining access control

ServiceFM can monitor and maintain your access control system, ensuring that only authorised personnel can access your premises.

Site inductions and compliance

ServiceFM can provide comprehensive inductions for new staff and visitors to your premises, ensuring they have a thorough understanding of your security procedures.

Emergency response

In the event of an emergency, ServiceFM’s security guards are trained to provide a rapid response, ensuring the safety of your personnel and property.

Meeting the needs
of diverse industries

With experience servicing diverse sectors – from defence and large-scale warehouses to professional events – we ensure utmost attention to safety and compliance requirements of each industry. Security monitoring services are managed by Grade A1 ASIAL rated control rooms, giving you peace of mind 24/7. We also specialise in concierge services for sporting and large events, deploying security, event management and crowd control options.

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Our expertise in facilities management combines an integrated service model to make work environments safer, more efficient and enjoyable to use – from the air to the water, to everything in between.

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