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ServiceFM is a trusted partner in a variety of industries. From aged care to defence, manufacturing and mining, we can support your needs with our innovative, scalable and efficient service models.

Every industry is different, and requires different compliance and security measures. As a work environment specialist, ServiceFM are flexible and responsive to how each industry operates.

We’ll work with your specific requirements, driving your business success with real-time reporting to create measurable efficiencies.

Let’s talk about your work environment.

aged care sector

Aged care

Compliance, dependability and understanding client needs forms the core of ServiceFM’s offering to the aged care sector.

The importance of world-class hygienic systems and processes have been highlighted during the coronavirus pandemic, and our record in this field is measurable. We have TGA and GECA-registered solutions that ensure infection control and prevention is achieved – protecting your consumers against all-known pathogens, including coronavirus and norovirus.

We are ahead of the hygiene and cleanliness curve, helping to drive change in aged care, and we have all relevant supporting accreditation.

ServiceFM is proactive in driving efficiencies, whilst maintaining compliant, safe and welcoming facilities.

commercial and corporate sector


A national reach and a consistent approach are the core elements of delivering better office environments, every day.

Our employees are relationship driven, blending into our clients’ operations to provide smart, innovative, cost-effective and proactive services. We are adept in enhancing workplace satisfaction and well-being.

Safety is ServiceFM’s priority, along with providing reportable and scalable multi-services to our clients.

At a time when there are new standards in hygiene and cleanliness, we have multiple solutions to support your infection control and prevention requirements, including TGA and GECA-registered products that protect your employees, clients and assets.

education sector


Education facilities are unique, high foot traffic environments, with unique challenges across each building and campus.

ServiceFM’s vast experience in this field ensures a quality, cost-effective solution to your campus needs.

Along with our employees, we have close relationships with our service partners, auditing their performance regularly to ensure a level of service that is consistent, safe and appropriately accredited across all sites.

infrastructure sector
government defence sector

Government & defence

ServiceFM brings an experienced, competent and cost-effective service level to government and defence environments.

We take data security and confidentiality seriously, and only work with the required security clearances. Clear, concise reporting processes ensure all services are measurable and offered unobtrusively while adhering to all high-level security and compliance requirements.

Our competent employees are highly trained to deliver secure and efficient services that meet your needs and ensure a trusted partnership.

health and research sector

Health & medical

ServiceFM works with the healthcare sector to build exceptional environments of care.

Compliance, dependability, and understanding clients’ needs form the core of our offering to the health, medical, and aged care sectors in Australia. Our solutions focus on the safety and security of patients, families, residents, and staff within these environments.

The importance of world-class hygienic systems and processes was highlighted during the coronavirus pandemic, and our record in this field is measurable. We have TGA and GECA-registered solutions that ensure infection control and prevention is achieved – protecting people against all-known pathogens, including coronavirus and norovirus.

Hospitality Service
hospitality sector


A client-centric attitude drives ServiceFM in its hospitality partnerships to present an outstanding first impression.

We ensure your facility looks its best, protecting your reputation with a proactive approach to maintenance, so you can focus on your key business aims.

Our lodging and accommodation solutions are flexible and scalable and ready for when you need them most.

ServiceFM employees are relationship driven and deliver the small touches that ensure a welcoming environment for your clients, employees, and visitors.

mining manufacturing icon

Mining & manufacturing

Adhering to all security and compliance requirements is an essential element in delivering our services in mining and manufacturing.

Maintaining a competent and trained workforce ensures our employees develop trust through their actions.

We travel across rural and remote parts of Australia to deliver multi-site consistency across. Our clear, concise digital reporting makes our services measurable and trackable, wherever your operations are based.

From security to concierge services and temporary accommodation provision and maintenance, we deliver cost-effective, secure and efficient work environments.

sector lists


A clean, safe and well-organised shopping environment for your customers and employees are the guiding principles for ServiceFM in the retail sector.

First impressions are vital in this sector, and our employees ensure your customer-facing areas are up to the high standards you require.


Our multi-service provision is agile, scalable and reportable, meaning we can support you in and out of working hours.

ServiceFM employees are well-presented and unobtrusive so that your operations always function at their optimum.

Retail Sector
Transport and logistics
transport logistics

Transport & logistics

From airports and seaports to logistics hubs, ServiceFM is your total solution partner.

Clients across these fields have benefited from our customer-centric culture, which embraces a safety priority whilst meeting high-presentation standards.

Our staff receive continual training, are security and safety compliant, and take pride in their work.

The ability to provide a total service solution allows us to meet the individual needs of each client in a scalable and responsive fashion, while also effectively project managing and auditing our service partners.