Terminal cleaning process
Victorian government buildings

Since the COVID-19 pandemic commenced, ServiceFM has been contracted as a Specialist Supplier by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), providing Infection Control, via the Terminal Cleaning process, for its client Shared Services Provider the Department of Treasury and Finance Victoria (DTFV/SSP).

This contract includes the DTF portfolio of government departments, with our Terminal Cleaning solution administered as both decontamination and sanitisation services at COVID-19 exposure sites or as a preventative measure.

Terminal Cleaning is:

ServiceFM provides all equipment required for Terminal Cleaning and ensures compliance with PPE requirements for this process.

Under the terms of this contract, ServiceFM, additionally, provides other cleaning services when requested by JLL.

These services are all provided in compliance with Department of Health and Human Services Victoria (DHHS) guidelines.

A non-toxic and safe process​

For this contract we introduced Nanocyn, the first non-toxic chemical registered by the TGA for COVID-19, as part of a three-step Terminal Clean process.

Nanocyn is certified as being able to kill COVID-19 in 30 seconds.

It has proved to be a highly effective non-toxic measure that combats a range of airborne viruses, including coronavirus and norovirus, whilst also protecting the wellbeing of our workers and the workers of our clients.

Through our collaborative approach to this project, we have seen that non-toxic, all-natural solutions such as Nanocyn can provide an exceptionally viable way of conducting Infection Control in a variety of locations, ensuring the safety of all stakeholders.

Many other cleaning agents leave toxic residues that can, ultimately, damage the health and wellbeing of building inhabitants, even after they have dried. Nanocyn does not do this.

With new expectations regarding cleaning agents, these credible, all-natural solutions must be considered for the benefit of anyone who experiences contact with them.

Service FM also introduced ATP surface testing after each clean to assure our client that Terminal Cleaning is completed, with a certificate of completion issued at the conclusion of each job.

Service FM further introduced stickers with a date stamp to notify all facility users an area was terminal cleaned.

The importance of trained staff

Training of ServiceFM’s workers across all sites has also been an imperative throughout the pandemic.

All Service FM employees within this portfolio are certified through the Building Service Contractors Association of Australia (BSCAA) via the Clinical Cleaning for Infectious Control course.

This course includes procedures for cleaning in infectious areas where there is a high risk of environmental surfaces contamination by an infective agent which could be readily transmitted from person to person.

Our staff also completed infectious control training COVID-19 via the Australian Government Department of Health.

Indicating the importance of such training is that not one of our workers has contracted COVID-19 during this pandemic, despite working on many of the most vulnerable sites in the nation. We are exceptionally proud of this.