HVAC repair:
private hospital

As part of an Integrated Facilities Management partnership with Nexus Hospitals, ServiceFM was project manager of a HVAC duct repair at a metropolitan Sydney health site.

Nexus Hospitals provides high-quality hospital care and surgical treatment via day and short-stay hospitals across Australia.

The project featured many complexities, the most significant of which was ensuring the repair work did not impact the hospital facility’s day-to-day operations.

The job included:

The issue

Hospital workers reported that the site’s air-conditioning system was not working at peak operational capability, resulting in low air flow and pressure.

This created issues in maintaining the site’s heating and cooling, increasing the potential for client and staff discomfort. An investigation, undertaken by ServiceFM, discovered that segments of HVAC ducting had not been installed during the original works. Remedial repairs were strongly recommended.

The job

Upon confirmation that ServiceFM’s recommendations to fix the HVAC system had been accepted, a plan was created to resolve the problem.

The plan involved:

Allowing the facility to continue operating as per normal was a critical component of the project. As a result, all work was undertaken outside business hours. Contractors were security cleared and provided with overnight site access; no additional security supervision was required.

The work included the removal of a hallway ceiling to allow access to the roof space where the missing HVAC ducting was located.

After each work session a temporary ceiling was installed by ServiceFM’s contractors to ensure environmental compliance and hallway aesthetics for hospital staff and their clients.

The contractors also thoroughly cleaned the hallway at the end of their shifts. The hallway was ready for each working day, ensuring hospital operations were not impacted by the construction activities.


From investigation of the problem to completion, the project spanned a period of one month. At the project’s completion the HVAC system was commissioned and tested. Testing confirmed that the system’s air flow and pressure met the expected design standards.

Having an efficient and compliant HVAC system is critical to the daily operations of any hospital. ServiceFM understood this pain point at our site and efficiently and safely managed the repair of the malfunctioning system. Their personnel were aware of the complexities of operating in a medical facility and ensured all required health and safety measures were met and successfully completed the project.

Eva Naidoo, GM/DON Kogarah Private Hospital