Air purification/infection control
education and office spaces

The COVID-19 pandemic has sharpened the focus of business owners and facility managers around the necessity of clean air. There is now an understanding that to better manage the health and safety of all who enter a site, air purification is of paramount importance.

ServiceFM can provide the ultimate in Infection Control and Prevention via Airofresh an innovative, Australian-made air purifier that provides the utmost in health protection for any workplace, including retailers, supermarkets health providers and education centres.

Airofresh is a solution that immediately kills contaminants (including fungi, mould, bacteria, viruses and gases) and does not utilise catch and store filters.

Fresher air for Somerset College students

Queensland-based Somerset College is one of Australia’s leading independent schools and has a strong commitment to embracing local innovation and ensuring the safety of its students and educators.

Over the past 12 months the school has demonstrated the value of full-circle air purification within its buildings to students and staff by utilising Airofresh’s unique and industry leading technology.

“During this time, we have had an overwhelmingly positive experience. The Airofresh range has adapted easily to our existing HVAC infrastructure and has been easy to install,” Somerset College Chief Operating Officer David Thornton said.

“The mobile Airofresh BCU units have been particularly useful as they can be moved easily to different facilities on campus where they have cleared the air environment from an array of noticeable air pollutants.

“Most importantly, the technology has been safe and effective in classrooms and we were able to improve the air quality in the room by a factor of 10 to 100 times.

“The uplift in air quality is significant and valued by our staff and students. We will continue to invest in this technology as part of our commitment to the wellness of all at Somerset College.”

Airofresh, which can be distributed as free-standing units or attached to existing HVAC systems, is more efficient than other purifiers as it supercharges air particles so they continue to clean the atmosphere, even after passing through the machine – this is something other air purifiers don’t do.

The system also immediately kills contaminants (including fungi, mould, bacteria, viruses and gases) and does not utilise catch and store filters, which hold onto airborne contaminants, meaning they remain active in the environment.

Viruses can live up to three hours in the atmosphere, nine hours on surfaces and 30 days in cold storage.

Airofresh’s filter-less system means that not only are all contaminants, such as COVID-19, destroyed, improving the health and safety outcomes for all who visit the site, but they also significantly reduce maintenance requirements.

Meanwhile, at The Lady George Kindergarten in Adelaide, staff have also noticed that Airofresh provides a safer, healthier, and better learning and working environment.

Kindergarten director Brett Gent operates a free-standing BCU and said staff immediately noticed the machine’s impact are enjoying the ongoing wellness benefits.

“The benefits we’ve found have been cleaner air and a much more pleasant-smelling building, it’s an old building, so the benefits have been profound and were immediate,” Mr Gent said.

“We’ve noticed less staff sick days and for the students it’s the same thing. They are able to attend their pre-school hours and be in this learning environment for a much longer period.”

Australian invented, manufactured and distributed, the Airofresh unit has the unique capability to destroy airborne contaminants without using chemical applications or physical capture and store filters.

Airofresh benefits:

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