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ServiceFM specialises in offering premium asset management services in Canberra, operating across a wide range of industries.

Asset Management

We focus on safety

The goal of our staff, who are committed to achieving Australian Quality and Safety requirements and manufacturers’ recommendations, is to ensure that your assets retain optimal functions and a prolonged lifecycle.

Asset management

By extending your asset’s life cycle, ServiceFM can help you keep expenses low, minimise downtime, and maximise efficiency. We provide the following asset management services in Canberra:


ServiceFM’s property safety solutions can help you guarantee that your business runs smoothly for your clients and staff.

We are delighted to provide a comprehensive range of expert services that guarantee structural integrity and surpass classification criteria for your building.

When it comes to ensuring that your Canberra facilities are in conformance with Australian Standards and the Building Code, we prioritise user-friendliness, accuracy, and quality.

Our site-specific planned preventative maintenance (PPM) reporting system aids in the monitoring of:

Market segments

At ServiceFM, we provide services in a variety of market areas, including mining, business, and accommodation. You can rely on ServiceFM to deliver industry-leading asset management services in Canberra, having established a reputation for punctuality and positivity.

When it comes to delivering high-quality asset management services in Canberra, ServiceFM staff are prompt, attentive, and client-focused.