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ServiceFM has a long history of providing versatile and cost-effective commercial and corporate cleaning services in Sydney. Extending across numerous sectors, from the government and healthcare to mining and accommodation, ServiceFM’s staff are fully qualified to handle the requirements of your commercial or corporate premises.

Guided by the core principle that ‘Everything’s Connected’, ServiceFM’s personnel are not only trained in the latest infection control and safety standards but are workplace-oriented, integrating seamlessly with your organisation’s culture.

Commercial Cleaning Service

We focus on safety

As a company that prioritises work, health, and safety, ServiceFM’s staff approach multi-service provision with accountability and proactive problem-solving. To fulfil our promise of delivering quality corporate and commercial cleaning services in Sydney, we operate a national reporting and reach system that generates consistent and reliable results.

ServiceFM relies on dynamism and adaptability to connect our partners and services in ecologically conscious ways.

We are
specialists in

Infection control

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take its toll, ServiceFM recognises infection control is paramount to maintaining the wellbeing of your staff, assets and resources.

With a strong track record servicing health care, transport, and retail sectors, ServiceFM’s infection control services are designed to deliver the highest standard of commercial and corporate cleaning in Sydney. ServiceFM includes innovative Airofresh air purification technology amongst its infection control solutions.

Condition auditing

Condition auditing is an important part of maintaining your commercial property. ServiceFM’s experienced staff can provide insights into how changes in your premises can affect the health and wellbeing of your clients and employees.

As workplaces become increasingly multifunctional, our condition audits in Sydney can identify areas where action can be taken to minimise potential risks.

Waste management

ServiceFM’s innovative and sustainable waste management solutions are optimised to meet the specific needs of each client. Our specialist waste management teams can ensure that your premises are equipped with streamlined and effective waste disposal systems in Sydney.

Periodic services

ServiceFM’s periodic services are a cost-effective approach to maintaining high standards of hygiene and safety in your commercial space. Our periodic services are designed to ensure compliance with the latest COVID-19 regulations and provide up-to-date insights into the functionality, safety, and hygiene of your premises.

At ServiceFM, we understand that each client is unique. We specialise in providing commercial and corporate cleaning services that are carefully tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Market segments

ServiceFM offers commercial and corporate cleaning in a wide range of market segments, such as mining, business, and accommodation. With a reputation for friendliness and a positive, can-do attitude, you can count on the ServiceFM staff to provide the finest commercial and corporate cleaning services in Sydney.

ServiceFM staff are prompt, consultative and client-centred when it comes to delivering your commercial cleaning needs.