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ServiceFM works with the healthcare sector to build exceptional environments of care. Our facilities management solutions focus on the safety and security of patients, families, residents, and staff within these environments.

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services for healthcare facilities

At ServiceFM, we make it our business to create safe, clean, and enjoyable healthcare environments, from hospitals and long-term facilities to surgical centres and aged care facilities. We use market-leading technology and adhere to stringent quality standards to purify air and water from contamination. Air and water are the elixirs of life, so nowhere is it more important to keep these elements clean and pure than in hospitals for the betterment of human health.

Managing healthcare facilities can be complex and challenging, with much pressure to meet ever-changing needs. ServiceFM works with you to build compliant, safe, and welcoming environments, delivering 24/7 to ensure operational activities can carry on undisrupted. We embrace forward planning and proven systems and processes to be reliable and adaptable as needed.

Your healthcare environment is our priority

infection control sector

Infection control

Protect your people and visitors from all-known pathogens, including coronavirus and norovirus with our TGA and GECA-registered solutions, which are chemical-free and filter-free.

  • Cleaner air – Airofresh and Nanocyn® are our market-leading air purification technologies which kill Covid-19 and other airborne infections.
  • Cleaner water – ReactiveWater is an electronic water structuring technology which makes water supplies the cleanest and healthiest they can be.

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asset management sector

Asset management

Extend the life of your medical equipment, and reduce your ongoing maintenance costs with ServiceFM’s Planned Preventative Maintenance schedules. We handle maintenance services across any trade discipline for all planned and reactive work, operating 24/7 so your work can carry on undisrupted.

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commercial and corporate cleaning sector

Commercial cleaning

Keep your environments healthy with routine inspections and medical-grade cleaning of patient rooms, waiting rooms, and operating rooms. This includes touchpoint cleans, periodic services, condition audits, terminal cleans, and decontamination cleans.

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electrical compliance sector

Electrical compliance

Minimise downtime by enhancing the safety of your premises all year round. As a national leader in commercial electrical safety solutions, eSafe by ServiceFM has conducted over 3 million yearly inspections in compliance with AS/NZS 3760 specifications.

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operational services sector

Operational management

We offer bespoke operational services to ensure hospitals and aged care environments are safe, clean, and well-run. Our service teams take care of all the details, including office administration, laundry and linen services, mailroom services, pest services, and hospital-grade waste management.

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security and electrical sector

Security services

We integrate security solutions into your sites, including Security Patrols, CCTV systems, Site Inductions, and Compliance for new visitors, ensuring they have a thorough understanding of your security procedures.

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workplace management sector

Workplace management

The look and feel of your facilities is vital to a positive patient and visitor experience. ServiceFM installs, repairs, and organises replacement equipment so your environments are presented in the best possible fashion, whilst minimising critical downtime.

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Some organisations
we partner with

Providing a safe work environment at Nexus Hospitals

As part of an integrated partnership with Nexus Hospitals, ServiceFM was appointed as project manager of HVAC duct repairs at Kogarah Private Hospital. The site had issues in maintaining heating and cooling, increasing the potential for patient and staff discomfort. We uncovered segments of HVAC ducting had not been installed during the original works. Allowing the hospital to continue operating as normal was a critical component of the project, and as a result, all work was undertaken outside of business hours.

Safety and compliance

Maintaining certification and building compliance is critical to the success of any healthcare organisation. In fact, it’s our paramount concern. We want your environment to be safe and efficient so nothing prevents patients from getting the care they need, or staff and specialists from doing their jobs without disruption.

We support the Australian Commission on Safety Standards through our robust processes and delivering on them. ServiceFM is compliant with procedures and practices which meet specific health sector standards, including :

  • Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare
  • National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHSS)
  • Management of Environmental Cleaning Services
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Auditing against TGA standards