ServiceFM extends Adelaide Airport and Parafield Airport cleaning services contract

ADELAIDE, 14 August 2023: ServiceFM Pty Ltd (ServiceFM) is pleased to announce the continued delivery of cleaning services to Adelaide Airport and Parafield Airport  for a further five years, building on the success of the delivery of services to both sites since 2018.

ServiceFM Managing Director, James Pollock, said the contract extension was testament to the dedication and diligence of the team on the ground who had been providing exceptional outcomes for the last five years, including through the extremely challenging COVID period.

“A high visibility and high use site like Adelaide Airport in particular requires a great deal of ownership and responsibility by the management team and the cleaning staff,” Mr Pollock said.

“The COVID pandemic, the onset of which was rapid and unexpected, had a major impact on Adelaide Airport and the travel industry due to travel restrictions and a decimation in demand among travellers.”

“ServiceFM’s response has clearly demonstrated our agility in reshaping our resources and service delivery to support the Airport at a time where the organisation and the industry was suffering considerable hardship.”  

Debra Austin, Site Manager, and Steve Morgan, State Manager SA/WA/NT are thrilled to continue a partnership with Adelaide Airport

The contract involves full cleaning services to both airport sites including:

  • All general and reactive cleaning of all nominated sites, carpet and hard floors, surfaces, toilets, basins, vanities, showers.
  • Periodic cleaning – carpet steam clean, high cleaning, windows.
  • Supply of minor materials and consumables.
  • Disposal of associated waste.
  • Management of bio waste including from international flights.
  • Implementation of AVIDBots to support large-scale cleaning inside T1.

Adelaide Airport Limited (AAL) EGM Airport Operations, Emma Boulby, said: “ServiceFM has performed consistently well and met its contracted KPIs for the duration of the previous contract, despite the challenging backdrop posed by the impacts of COVID-19 to its operation and associated commercial undertakings to AAL. Their flexibility exceeded our expectations.”

This contract marks an ongoing focus of ServiceFM to ensure all work environments across Australia have access to the best services which deliver ongoing sustainable, operational and financial benefits.

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