ServiceFM unveils new brand identity reflecting company’s transformation and focus on the future work environment

On May 19, 2023, ServiceFM unveiled a new brand purpose, including a refreshed identity, reflecting the company’s transformation of its culture and a redefined strategy focused on the future of Australia’s physical workplace landscape.

Following the business transformation in April 2021 to a full facilities services company led by Managing Director, James Pollock, the 41-year-old cleaning company was rebranded as ServiceFM.

This came at an opportune time when Covid-19 was the circuit breaker for how businesses view what a work environment looks like, which has changed forever.

“While our business has transformed dramatically over the past few years, and our name changed, it became clear that perceptions of the company have not evolved at the same pace.”  

“The rebranding marks a reinvigorated ServiceFM both inside the company and out, with a strategy focused on six key target audiences and their changing workplace environments.”

“At the heart of it, we believe where people work matters. That’s why ServiceFM takes a personalised approach to our service offering for our clients, to build better workplace environments for them and their staff.”

As a specialist in workplace environments, the ServiceFM brand identity has been refreshed to clearly represent its redefined category and positioning.

Executive Director, Mauro Viola, says, “This is a critical step at this point in the brand journey.”

“ServiceFM’s core values of agility, integrity, safety, innovation, respect and trust, along with its clear strategy, will power the company's transformation as we partner with the industry and our clients to help them boost workplace safety, efficiency and enjoyment.”  

ServiceFM operates across diverse categories, with eight service pillars tailored to suit different needs across industries.

The company’s venture into healthcare, manufacturing, and defense are essential steps to diversify its offering and provide a personalised service in sectors that will always demand a degree of physical workspaces.

Rising economic costs are also at the forefront of clients’ minds, and this is particularly evident in utility services like facilities management. ServiceFM’s refined strategy encompasses a commitment to Quality, Value and Flexibility, and how these can generate higher return for customers.

About ServiceFM.

With more than 70 corporate staff and a workforce of 2,000 employees, ServiceFM has a national footprint with offices in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

For media enquiries, please contact us here.  

Initial elements of ServiceFM’s brand evolution include:

New Brand Colours: Navy blue speaks to professionalism, trust, stability, and dependability for which ServiceFM has built a reputation for more than 40 years in business. Aquamarine Blue and Apple Green are both environmentally extracted colours, alluding to the principle to always preference natural, chemical-free products where possible. These colours represent the salt of the earth and the nitty gritty – an attitude of not being scared to get your hands dirty. All three colours work in harmony together.

New Design Elements: The hexagon is a naturally-occurring shape. It is strong, solid, and reliable. In a three-layered form, it represents completeness and the holistic way ServiceFM views a work environment – from the air to the water to everything in between.

New Brand Purpose: Creating Better Work Environments.

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