New lab reports identify Nanocyn’s® powerful effect on Black Mould within five minutes

nanocyn sprayed in large buildings

New lab reports identify Nanocyn’s® powerful effect on Black Mould within 5 minutes

With La Niña bringing flooding and high humidity, more Australians are finding mould in their homes and workplaces.

To reproduce, mould produces tiny spore particles which are carried in the air. NSW Health have advised these toxic mould species can hijack our health.

Moreover, flooding and high humidity levels have also led to internal and structural issues with properties and buildings, which is not good for commercial enterprise.

ServiceFM Executive Director, Mauro Viola, says the company has been working with patented and globally approved Nanocyn® spray technology to mitigate flood related mould issues in Australia.

“Backed by extensive lab work, Nanocyn® has proven outstanding effectiveness against a range of different mould types causing significant issues in both private and commercial surroundings.”

Working closely with Australia’s leading mould laboratory in Melbourne, Nanocyn® creators, Microsafe, have identified the type of mould and the correct way to deal with it. New lab reports are showing Nanocyn® can kill “Black Mould” in 5 minutes.

As recently discovered, Nanocyn® is entered into the ARTG to kill SARS-CoV-2 in just 15 seconds, Norovirus (Gastro) and Influenza in only 30 seconds. These are the fastest contact times of any product.

Mauro says, “We are proud to work with a scientifically backed product which not only does what it says, but is a game changer in environmental impact. This is a great benefit for businesses today who truly want to watch their carbon footprint and avoid greenwashing.”

Nanocyn® is the only TGA-registered disinfectant which has achieved the GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) certification, underlining the safety of the environment, including aquatic life.

Talk to ServiceFM today about how you can harness the power of Nanocyn® in your premises.

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