Emergency & Exit
lights and signs

In an emergency, Emergency & Exit signs provide a visual pathway that allows your workers, clients and visitors within your facility to depart safely.

You will find these green and white prompts located above or adjacent to specified exits and doors, as determined by the Building Code of Australia (AS/NZS 2293.1).

It is imperative that the Emergency & Exit lights and signs in your buildings are always visible so, in case of a fire alarm, occupants can be directed to a safe or open space.

ServiceFM can undertake Emergency & Exit lights and signs monitoring separately or incorporate it into any of our electrical compliance programs to give your business a complete safety check.

Our Emergency & Exit inspections comply with Australian Standards and include a 90-minute discharge test that ensures your systems work appropriately and will function, as mandated, on battery power if there is a power failure.

Upon completion of testing you will receive a complete report from our fully trained ServiceFM technicians.

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