& Tagging

Workplace safety is at the forefront of all ServiceFM does and our Testing & Tagging service should be a critical component of any facility management plan for your business. We have full coverage across Australia with more than 100 direct-employed technicians and electricians at the ready.

We use industry leading technology and combine it with workplace health & safety requirements to test and tag all your electrical assets and appliances.

Test & Tagging provides an efficient and regular asset tracking mechanism for your business.

Our workers enter your site in ServiceFM uniforms, to ensure you know who’s on your site, and with all appropriate PPE – safety is our key priority.

All recorded data is exported to the eSafe 360 database and reports are provided so you have a clear picture of your safety status. Know instantly which electrical items are old or don’t meet standard requirements.

It is mandatory, for the safety of your staff, clients and all who access your work sites, that all your portable electrical assets are test and tagged.

Our cost-effective service program ensures you meet all mandatory government safety requirements. ServiceFM ensures:

  • Your equipment is tested to Australian Standard AS/NZS3760;
  • All equipment receives a barcoded label recording its tested status;
  • Immediate safety reports are provided;
  • Damaged electrical fittings are repaired by ServiceFM’s qualified technicians;
  • All results are recorded to eSafe 360’s central database for future reference;
  • You receive comprehensive status, asset and compliance reports;
  • Regular scheduling of electrical assets.

Our electrical

Choose from our specialised services or bundle multiple services for a complete safety check.